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Quality Mazda Seat Covers | Alpha Auto Accessories

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+61 3 9013 4786

What to look for when buying Mazda Seat Covers

The original lining of your seats can only be saved when you cover them with fine quality seat covers. The Alpha Auto Accessories provides customized Mazda seat covers for CX 5 and all other models. We work in the finest materials to provide style and comfort together.

Durable Mazda Seat Covers for CX 5

The seat covers are not only luxurious but the material is refined and long-lasting to protect your car seats for a longer time. The regular seat covers fade away, tears and flatten away whereas the covers we provide never change the color and stay fit to the car seats. Hence, Mazda seat covers by Alpha Auto Accessories are a great choice for every type of customer.

Machine Wash Supportive seat covers

Now a day’s most of the cars are washed with a machine which is quite a quick and easy process. It’s not that seat covers cannot handle machine wash but most of the low-quality covers can only bear up to two to three machines washes and then their life ends. Whereas, Alpha Auto provides the water and stain-resistant covers that are not affected by water and other kinds of liquids if dropped on them.

Airbag supportive

The vehicles with side airbags are entertained especially. As you know the seat covers are already customized, Mazda seat covers for cars with airbags on the sides are stitched in a way that the thread broke away when airbags are about to activate. All the seat covers are tested before fitting in a car. Approved seat cover does not hinder the activation of airbags. Style, comfort, and quality are all one can ask for, Alpha Auto Accessories provide all in one.

There are some features of the product which you should be concerned about:

Heat resistant Mazda Seat covers

Most cases of car seat cover failure include the covers which are not heat resistant. We suggest you to always look for insulated seat covers.


All seat covers are washable but the problem is some can only last two to three washes and then their time is up. We provide seat covers that are machine washable and last longer.

Rear pocket and Side airbag Supportive

We have discussed above the side airbag supportive seat covers. You have a clear idea of how important that is. The pockets at the rear of the front seat are also very useful. You can put anything in those pockets.

Precautions for Mazda Seat Covers

  • Direct contact of water does not affect the seat covers we provide but soaking seat covers in water can cause damage.
  • Do not iron the seat covers as it can burn or loosen them.
  • Try not to dry the seat covers by wringing this will damage the covers. The best option for drying seat covers is drip drying.