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Quality Mitsubishi Seat Covers | Alpha Auto Accessories
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+61 3 9013 4786

Mitsubishi Seat Covers – Choose the ones you like

Alpha Auto Accessories is one of the largest auto accessories providers in Australia. We are specialized in seat covers with dedicated units for designing and manufacturing of seat covers. We provide seat covers for Mitsubishi triton including all the other vehicles from Mitsubishi. The main types of Mitsubishi seat covers are:

Velour seat covers for Mitsubishi Triton

Mitsubishi Triton has its class. The velour seat covers can make this hard hunk inside soft. The basic covers in velour stuff are black, charcoal and grey, on-demand the desired color can be provided to the customers with extra charges applied. Our expert teams fit the covers so perfectly that one cannot differentiate between the covers and the original seats.

Sheep Leather car seat covers

If you are in search of a warm and cozy experience then the sheep leather covers are the best option. These are the most expensive covers available. The price you will spend on sheep leather covers is worth it because the quality of these Mitsubishi seat covers is very high and can last multiple years.

Waterproof seat covers for Mitsubishi

Readymade waterproof covers are available for some of the models of Mitsubishi. The reason for the instant availability is that these covers are very much in demand. The leather-like looking covers is liked by everyone. These are stain-resistant, economic, and good quality covers. Cleaning these covers does not require any extra efforts.

Canvas cotton seat covers

Those who are looking for tough and rugged seat cover this is the type for them. Some people carry heavy things in their cars which damages the seat covers. The canvas cotton seat covers are specially made to bear burden and scratches. These covers are best supported for the seats of open roof jeeps which are more exposed to sun, rain and other weather conditions.

Mitsubishi seat covers made of neoprene

Neoprene seat covers are water-resistant and soft at the same time. For adventurous riders, these seat covers are best suited. Although neoprene is not completely waterproof it prevents the water contact with seats.

Above is the most used Mitsubishi seat covers purchased from Alpha Auto Accessories. All these cover comes with 12 months of warranty. We are known to provide the best seat covers in the market. We choose only the best material to manufacture seat covers and other interior accessories.